Services That Define Your Now

We prioritise maintaining strong partnership with our clients to ensure the successful fulfilment of their requirements and vision. Architecture Now Limited offers several design and construction services within the construction sector.

Architectural Design

One of the many services we provide include architectural design with approvals for homes, commercial spaces/rental properties and land development.

Design your “dream” home to suit both your lifestyle and your budget, from concept to reality. Consultation and follow through for all applications through various agencies for the approval process.
We can design to maximize both your space and potential income.
Design and plans for both approvals/statutory agencies as well as working drawings and models.


Precision meets expertise, where we meticulously assess and analyze spaces to inform thoughtful design decisions, ensuring the foundation for architectural excellence.

We provide:

  • Redefinition of Boundaries
  • Cadastral Plans
  • Topographical Surveys

Landscaping Concepts

Want to transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece? Our architectural expertise extends beyond walls – discover our innovative landscaping concepts that redefine outdoor living.

Land Development

From raw land to a canvas of possibilities! Our architectural prowess goes beyond structures – we specialize in unlocking the true potential of land. Explore the art of development with us and witness your space come to life. 

Housing Development

Redefining residential spaces with our housing development service. Immerse yourself in carefully crafted designs that prioritize your comfort and individuality. Your ideal home is just a blueprint away.

General Construction Services

Crafting spaces that stand the test of time: From concept to completion, our architecture firm ensures quality construction services that elevate your project.

Project Management

Navigate Complexity, Achieve Simplicity: Discover the ease of project execution with Architecture Now Limited. Our project management services bring order to chaos, ensuring timelines, budgets, and quality are meticulously managed. Let’s turn your vision into a success story!